Gives new material meaning by better connecting it with existing knowledge ('learning through elaboration') and empowers students to contribute and share their thoughts.


Step 1: 

Each week, post in the Class Feed what you would like students to reflect on, how you would like them to do it, and what their contributions will be used for:

Step 2: 

Base the next class in part on students' reflections and ask for their input. It's important that students feel that their pre-class reflections actually matter for this activity to work.


Using this exercise, several Aula educators report getting students who would never otherwise say anything in class to enthusiastically participate.
Many students also appreciate that classes get formed, at least in part, by themselves.

Advanced tips

Interact with students' reflections by reacting to their comments, e.g. asking clarifying questions or giving them a "thumbs up" emoji.

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