Encourage student collaboration, increase students' coverage of the relevant literature, let students learn through inquiry, and get students excited about research.


Step 1: 

Create a Google Document or a MS Word Online document, ensuring that students have basic editing permissions.

Step 2: 

Encourage each student to find and read one item that is relevant but not on the reading list.

Step 3: 

Each student writes their chosen reading and three key takeaways in the document.
It's a good idea to have an example at the top of the document, showing the best format for a reading item and takeaways.


Feel free to use this template to set up your collaborative reading document.

Advanced tips

Do this in advance of an assignment deadline so that the document can become a revision resource and an encouragement to draw on references beyond the reading list.
Comment on some students' takeaways and readings (e.g. "Be aware that Author X is tends to view this week's materials in a specific light...").

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