Ensure a consistent student experience, save time by getting rid of repetitive questions, and create a culture where students feel empowered to share.


Step 1: 

Send students an email for each of your courses (ideally, the only email they receive from you that semester). This email should let them know that all communication will take place via Aula. Emphasise that this is to encourage them to share and collaborate.

Step 2: 

Be rigorous about not replying via email. If students contact you via email, either reply to their email and ask them to write you a Direct Message or simply reply to them in a Direct Message.


Several Aula educators that have tried this technique are surprised at just how much the formality of writing an email prevents students from asking questions or making suggestions. Students are generally more comfortable with sending a Direct Message or posting in the Class Feed.

Advanced tips

See this inspiration nugget for how to use Aula to get rid of repetitive questions.
For important information you would normally send out via email, consider instead making a post 'Important'.

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