Welcome to your Inspiration Hub!

This is a place for you to find inspiration on how to use Aula effectively. It’s full of simple, bite-sized applications (‘inspiration nuggets’) that start with the ‘why’ and show the ‘how’.

Most nuggets take less than 5 minutes to read. Each nugget has between one and five steps along with a short video and/or an example of the idea in use.

The Hub is intended to inspire rather than to dictate or prescribe. Students, educators, class settings, courses - and much more - vary widely, so inspiration nuggets are never 'one-size-fits-all'. 

The ideas in the inspiration nuggets are not new. They’re based on well-researched pedagogical patterns and inspired by conversations with Aula educators across the world. If you're interested in the theoretical foundations, feel free to have a look at What We’re Reading (work in progress).

The Inspiration Hub is constantly evolving based on input from the Aula community, so please get in touch if you have feedback, stories or ideas.

Kind regards,

Mikkel Lauritzen


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