First, head over to 

From here, you'll enter your email address and hit "Enter"
*If you receive a note that says "This email address does not exist" please email straight away. We'll just need to set you up with a new account

Once you enter your email address, there can be two ways to access your account:

  1. Through Single Sign On. ⚡️
  2. Through a Magic Link. ✨

This depends on your institution and will be either one or the other.

Sign in through Single Sign On:

Your institution will have provided you with a username and a password to go through your institution's Single Sign On (Below is a screenshot of University of Bath's Single Sign On page). Once you go through the Single Sign On, you will be automatically redirect to Aula.

Sign in through a Magic Link:

If your institution does not use a Single Sign On, you will receive a Magic Link through an email to the email address you just entered (Below is a screenshot of an email containing a magic link). Simply click on Sign in to Aula and you will be automatically redirected to Aula. 

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