Whether using Handin or Turnitin to create an assignment, follow the below steps to insert your assignment into Aula:

To create a new assignment, you will start in the Aula app under your user profile. From there you will select the '+' in the top right corner to add a new assignment

From here, you can select the space where the assignment will live, if you would like to use Handin or Turnitin for the assignment, as well as the title, open/close dates, and other settings.

You will then have the option to view your assignment or jump back to your profile to create another. 

Viewing Your Assignment in Handin

Once in Handin, you will have the ability to "Edit' the assignment. Use this feature to add your assignment's description. This is where you will instruct your students what you would like them to do for the assignment. You can also see all of the submissions for a particular assignment:


At the top of the submissions page you can scroll through your class to see the student submissions. From there you'll be able to download and read each assignment, give feedback by way of comments, add a grade, and release that grade back to students

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