Why have we created group assignments? 

Research suggests that the impact of collaborative learning has been consistently positive. The ability to collaborate and problem solve as a class or in groups on assignments set students up to build more diverse and more meaningful relationships. These relationships open the door to further social learning as well as a greater sense of connection and belonging. Alongside building emotional engagement, collaborative learning can enhance students’ cognitive engagement and improve communication skills. 

Group assignments are available via Handin. Handin is a native tool, meaning that we built it. We often conceptualise Aula as a lego set - instead of building native tools, we leverage the most effective educational third-party applications on the market. However, with subject-specific integrations that mimic real-world application, multimedia submissions, interactive feedback and now group assignments, Handin addresses the needs we found weren’t solved by anything on the market.

How do I create a group assignment? 

To work with group assignments, you need to access Aula via the internet and not app. 

Step 1: Create the groups

A. Click into ‘space settings’ → the ‘groups’ tab →  ‘+ New set of groups’

B. Name the set (this is a collection of groups) and choose whether to hide it from students by ticking ‘hide set’

C. You have two choices:

  • ‘Auto-generate groups’, where you choose the number of students in each group and they are randomly grouped
  • ‘+Add new group to set’, where you can assign specific students to groups

Step 2: Create the Handin assignment

A. Click into your profile → ‘+’ sign 

B. Fill out the assignment details → Select ‘group assignment’ → Select which ‘group set’ you want to take the assignment → ‘Save’

❓Can I make changes to the assignment?

You can update the assignment, but you can't change or remove the groups if any submissions have been made. 

  • If you want to change which set of groups is taking the assignment, or alter the assignment so it's taken by individuals rather thank groups, you click into the assignment → 'edit settings' → 'save'
  • If you want to edit the composition of a group, click into 'space settings' → 'groups' → the pencil icon:

Don't worry about making changes which might cause issues - the editing function will be locked once there are submissions for any assignments associated with a group.


❓Who can I provide feedback to?

You can provide a grade and feedback either to an individual or to the entire group. 

A. Enter your profile → Click into the assignment → Click on 'submissions'

B. Add the grade and feedback → choose whether to ‘Apply to all group members’ or not  → 'Save’

❓Does everyone in the group need to submit the assignment?

No - one student from each group submits the assignment on behalf of the rest of the group.

Need help or have feedback? Let us know by emailing
support@aula.education or by clicking on the question mark at the bottom of the Aula page. 

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