How to add feedback to Turnitin assessments

If you are an educator and want to add feedback in GradeMark (Turnitin's marking function), there are two main ways of doing this:

1. write or copy & paste text into the comment area (the box under the 'edit text' banner)

2. attach a 'link' to an online source, such as a google document. You can do this using the hyperlink icon (the two interlinking circles) located below the 'edit text' banner. 

How can I receive Turnitin support?

Here at Aula, we're happy to help as much as we can with Turnitin. You can get in touch with us via emailing or chatting to us via the question mark at the bottom of the Aula page. 

However, because Turnitin is not owned by Aula, and instead is a separate platform which we've integrated with, you can also get in touch with Turnitin directly. Here is their help centre, where you can find articles and here is where you can get in contact with a member of their team. 

Additionally, most university IT and support desks will be able to help with Turnitin support. 

Why are there differences between Turnitin on Aula and Turnitin on other platforms?

Aula has integrated with Turnitin. If you’re not familiar with integrations, it basically means that we have built a bridge - you start off from within Aula, but then you’re taken via the bridge to Turnitin. As such, students and educators can access Turnitin through Aula.

This bridge is nothing special - a number of institutions and platforms use it. 

There are some differences between the Turnitin you see on Aula and the Turnitin you might see on other platforms. This is because the Turnitin on other platforms is often a plugin. The company Turnitin are now moving away from the plugin model - they want institutions to integrate with their Feedback Studio. 

As such, what Aula has done is enable access to the Turnitin Feedback Studio. This is where students will submit, see their similarity reports, view their feedback, etc. This is also where educators will change the assessment settings, see who’s submitted, mark assessments, etc.

This, therefore, means that, there are some differences in terms of the interface (ie. how Turnitin looks and how you interact with it), and minor functionalities.

Need help? You can get in touch with us via emailing or chatting to us via the question mark at the bottom of the Aula page. 

For any issues directly with Turnitin, please reach out to them directly using this form.

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