Aulaโ€™s aim is to make it easy for all educators to engage all students, even when theyโ€™re not on campus. There are lots of ways that you can make sure students are still learning, wherever they are.

We've put together some ideas of how you can use different third-party tools on Aula, all designed to promote online and remote teaching and learning.

Which tools can I use to conduct remote seminars or lectures?

Video conferencing tools allow you to replicate face to face synchronous conversations, remotely.ย 

Zoom offers collaboration and engagement tools as part of its standard free licences, including the ability to have 100 participants in one meeting room for 40 minutes. To find out more about how to use Zoom for virtual learning, take a look at the Comprehensive Guide to Educating through Zoom.

Why not also make your office hours remote? Whereby works in a similar way to Zoom but for smaller groups. Let your students know that you will be available between a certain timeframe to discuss their upcoming project. Just paste the link on the feed and students can 'pop-in' when they can.

How do I use the video tools on Aula?

Schedule a meeting on Zoom and paste the link into the feed.

How can I use a screen-recording tool for my lectures?

As well as doing 'live' lectures on Zoom, you can also record yourself going through your lecture slides and send to your students to watch in their own time.ย 

Loom are currently offering free unlimited recording. To find out more about how you can engage your students using Loom, have a look at the Help Centre.

Once you've recorded your lecture, just paste the link onto your Aula feed.

Once you've recorded your lecture, you could then ask students to feedback their ideas on an interactive Padlet, that will be embedded onto your Aula feed.

How can I build collaboration between students?

It's important that students are still being collaborative and bouncing ideas off each other, even remotely.ย 

As well as using group messages and the feed on Aula, why not encourage students to use the video-call feature on Google Hangouts to discuss their recent work or ongoing group project?

Students can also use Twitter and Youtube to discuss their ideas and interact with the feed. Find out more about using different integrations on Aula here. ๐Ÿ˜Š

To find out more about teaching remotely on Aula, have a look at our quick-start guide.ย 

Question? Press the '?' below or reach out to us via support@aula.educationย 

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