There are two assessments products you can use through Aula - Turnitin or Handin. Follow the below steps to create a new Handin assessment.

To create a new assessment, you:

  1. Click on your User Profile  
  2. Select the '+' in the top right corner

3. Select the space where the assessment will live
4. Select if you would like to use Handin or Turnitin
5. Input the title, open/close dates and whether you want the assessment hidden from students or not

Note - if you're creating a Handin assessment, you also have the option to create group assessments. Learn more here

Change these settings 

To alter these settings, you need to go back into your profile and click on the three horizontal dots and click 'edit':

Add extra information on Handin

You can add extra information into your Handin assessments, including free text, files and voice notes. You need to 

1. Click into the Handin assessment
2. Select 'edit assignment'
3. Select the 'description' tab

Share the assessments with students

Students will then be able to access the assessment through their profiles, so long as you've made the assessment visible.

Additionally, you can add the assessment link into your Materials/ Feed/ Messages. You can do this by clicking on the green plus sign and selecting the assessment. Note - students will only be able to access this if you've made the assessment visible. 

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