At the present, the only way to get users created or added to particular modules in Aula is to contact us via or via our Intercom live chat. All we'll need is the user's full name and the full name of the module(s) they would need to access. From there, we'll make the adjustments on our end and the user will be good to go!

Are you needing to add a large cohort of students to Aula? Great! Please send us a CSV or XLS file with first name, last name, and email columns respectively. From there, we can batch upload instead of creating each user individually. 

Please note that due to time constraints, any user lists >10 users will need to be sent via this CSV or XLS method. 

We do anticipate this to be a temporary solution. We're currently building an API that would match up with your SRS, thus negating the back and forth to get users into their proper Aula space. Ask us for more info! 

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