We’ve migrated your content over from Moodle to Aula as comprehensively as possible. Sometimes, there are items which are specific to virtual learning environments - for instance, Moodle forums - which can't be directly migrated over to Aula.

You may already have ideas about what you want to replace these items with, especially if you’re refreshing the module content to best leverage Aula. If not, here is a list of common items and recommendations on how to 'translate' them onto Aula:

Big Blue Button

On Aula: We have an integration with Big Blue Button, so you can add it to Aula.


On Aula: The Feed and Messages can be used to deliver high-impact collaborative and social experiences - learn more here.

Moodle quizzes

On Aula: For the moment, please continue creating these on Moodle. You will need to create quizzes on the 'current' Moodle module, to ensure the correct cohort of students has access. This can then be linked to Aula, by copying and pasting the quiz url. You will be able to move grades from the quiz into the Student Success App.


On Aula: We have an integration with Talis, so you can add it to Aula.


On Aula: We have an integration, so you can add it to Aula. Please note differences in group assessments and feedback. You will be able to pass grades to the Student Record System using the Student Success App.

If you can't see something on the list and want more insight, or have a question, please get in touch via the question mark at the bottom of the Aula screen or by emailing support@aula.education.

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