Note: This is especialy relevant for educators from institutions where summative assessments are being taken through Aula. This is because grade passback to the Student Record System is enabled via the Student Success App.

The Student Success App brings all assignments and grades together in one place, giving you an easy overview of how students are progressing and helping you to identify and reach out to those that may need support.

It also comes pre-populated with your module's official assessment components and allows you to easily pass back grades to your university's Student Record System.

The tool's ultimate purpose is to provide you with the information you need to see how students are progressing in their respective learning journeys. This includes grade data but in the near future, will also include other crucial insights around how students are engaging in the space, with the learning material and with each other.

The Student Success App is also accessible for students, providing an easy overview of all formative and summative assignments as well as grades.

🔵 How to navigate to the Student Success App

👉 Make sure you've set up your assessments.

👉 Click into the Journey tab

👉 Click into the Assignments tab

👉 Click on 'Student Success App' which is located on the right-hand side

Overview of the Student Success App

The Student Success App is divided into four main sections centred around assignments and students:

  • All Assignments:
  • An Assignment
  • All Students
  • A Student

'All Assignments' View

The first page of the Student Success App, the assignments page enables you to:

  • View the official assessments required for the module by your institution
  • View all assignments within a space from all assessment tool
  • Map assignments to assessment items
  • Export grades to the student record system

This video explains the difference between assessment items and assignments:

🗺 Mapping your assignments to assessment items

The assessment items (also referred to as assessment components) are the official, marked assessments required for the module by your institution (your summative assessments).

The Student Success App allows you to map assignments to these assessment components and to send final grades back to your SRS.

We strongly recommend that you set up this mapping at the beginning of term because this makes it clear to students which assessments count towards their final grade for the course, and which are formative only. It should take approximately 5 minutes.

Later in the term, once your assessments are graded, you can then send them to your SRS (see section below).

Now, follow these instructions to map your assignments onto the assessment items:

  1. Click on the assessment item
  2. From the dropdown, select the assessment you would like to map

If you need to map two or more assignments onto one assessment item (e.g. if your assessment is split into a presentation and an essay), you need to select all of the relevant assessments, and choose the weighting, which needs to add up to 100.

Watch a video on how to map:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A note about grade types and mapping

When creating Handin assignments, you must select a grade type: (free-form, percentage, rubric or pass / fail). All Turnitin assignments are percentage by default.

If you are mapping one assignment to one assessment item in the Student Success App, you can select an assignment with any grade type

If you are mapping more than one assignment to an assessment item, all assessments must use the percentage grade type (Handin assignments with percentage grade type or Turnitin assignments). This is because the final grade is calculated based on the weightings you enter during the mapping process.

When selecting multiple assignments to map, assignments with an invalid grade type will be visible but not be selectable in the drop-down.

↩️ Exporting grades to the student record system:

Once you’ve mapped the assignments to assessment components and all assessments have been graded and grades have been released, you need to export the grades.

To do this, click on the 'export' button for each of the assessment items.

Once the export begins, the status will change to "Exporting".

The export process can take some time. You can leave the browser open or navigate away and come back to it later.

Export successful:

If the entire grade export is successful, the item will display "Export completed" in grey with a time stamp.

Export partially successful

If some students' grades were successfully exported and some failed, the item will display "Export completed with errors" with a time stamp.

Clicking on the red error message reveals a list of the students whose grades were not updated in the student record system with the error message for each student.

Export failed

If the entire export fails, the item will display "Export failed" with a time stamp.

If you receive an error message, let the support team know via or the question mark at the bottom of the Aula platform.

'An Assignment' View

Clicking on an assignment in the All Assignments view takes you to a page for an individual assignment.

You can navigate to the specific assignment in Handin or Turnitin, view the assignment's grade type and see whether grades have been released.

You can also see a list of students and their grades for the specific assignment as they become available.

Clicking on the arrow icon on each student takes you to that student's submission.

Clicking on the student's name takes you to the Student View for that individual student (see below).

'A Student' View

The student view displays all the grades of a student, both for all individual assignments (in the bottom section) and for the assessment components as they become available (in the upper section).

You can navigate to this page by clicking on a student in either the 'All Students' view or the 'An Assignment' view.

'All Students' View

Clicking on 'Students' in the left-hand navigation bar takes you to a list of all students within a space.

For now, you can use this page to navigate to an individual student.

In future, we will be adding functionality to enable you to search, filter and sort students, as well as displaying average grades and other data within this page.

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