If you or your institution uses Microsoft OneDrive, you may choose to opt-in to give Aula access to your OneDrive files and make adding them to posts, materials pages, or DMs in Aula a breeze.

Aula is a registered third party application with Microsoft. We must abide by Microsoft's Terms of Use, which you can reference here.

What can you do with the OneDrive integration?

In any text editor in Aula, you'll see a green + icon when your cursor is active in the text field.

Green + icon when cursor is active

Click on the green + icon to expose the content editing options. Hover over File, and then click on OneDrive.

When you choose this option for the first time, a small window will pop up asking for you to grant Aula permission to interact with files in your OneDrive. Aula is GDPR compliant, and we need to ask for your explicit consent. Enabling the integration will allow you to use the OneDrive filepicker from within Aula, which helps you share your OneDrive files more easily. We need access to your files so they can be shown in the picker, and so we can display the sharing URLs that OneDrive generates when you add them to a post or a message.

Aula needs permission to access your files in order to do this, so that your files can be displayed in the picker, and so we can create the sharing link for you.

Why does Aula need permissions for my OneDrive?

Aula is a registered third party application with Microsoft. We must abide by Microsoft's Terms of Use, which you can reference here.

In order to enable collaborative teaching and learning workflows, where people work together on shared documents, Microsoft requires Aula to ask for read-write permissions. You'll see a boilerplate message that Aula has access to create, read, edit, and delete files. This is because the read-write permission scope that Microsoft offers doesn't allow Aula to specify more fine-grained permissions.

Aula will never create, edit, update, or delete a file. That's against Aula policies and also against Microsoft end user agreements. However, we do make it possible for you to interact with your own files and files that have been shared with you, which is why the message is there.

Managing Permissions for your OneDrive account

Once you give Aula access to OneDrive, you can choose to revoke it at any time via your Microsoft account. If you have security alerts turned on, you'll also receive an email from Microsoft with more instructions on managing access to your Microsoft account.

You can revoke permissions at any time if you don't want to use OneDrive and Aula together. Log in at https://account.microsoft.com and select "Privacy" from the menu. Scroll down, and under "Apps and services" click on "Apps and services that can access your data". There you'll see a list of all apps and services that have access to your Microsoft account. Click on the name of your app and then "Remove these permissions".

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