Aula is a web application which is accessed through a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. You can choose to bookmark Aula in any browser.

Chrome allows you to make a desktop shortcut to Aula so that you can open it in a dedicated window and interact with Aula as if it were a desktop application.

Mac Users: How to create a Desktop Shortcut

👉 You can add Aula to your Dock so it appears for you like this:

👉 You can then drag the shortcut into your Dock or your desktop.

You can also find Chrome App Shortcuts in your Finder window under Applications > Chrome Apps.

Windows Users: How to create a Desktop Shortcut

👉 You can add an application shortcut to your desktop or taskbar:

To do this, open Aula in Google Chrome and log in.

👉 Once you are logged in, find the vertical row of three grey dots in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser window, to the right of the address bar. Click the dots to open the menu, and then select More Tools > Create Shortcut.

👉 You'll then be asked to confirm the name for the shortcut. In order to open Aula in a separate window and have it launch and behave like a native web application, please check "Open as window"

👉 The Aula shortcut will appear on your desktop. You can right-click on the application icon for more choices for where to display the application shortcut, such as in your Start menu or in your taskbar.

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