Turnitin is doing away with their API integration (what you're used to using via Moodle), and will only be supporting the LTI integration (what you use with Aula) in the near future. Unfortunately, at the moment, their LTI integration (so their Aula integration) does not support a way to handle group assignments. We have the below options that you can use alternatively -

  • Turn off the plagiarism checker and have each student submit their group assignment individually. They'll technically be submitting the same assignment as their group peers, but it will make grade pass back a touch easier.
  • Keep the plagiarism checker turned on, and delegate one student to turn in the assignment for the group. This is going to make grade pass back a little bit tricky, as grades will have to be manually submitted for each of the other group members
  • Use Aula's Handin platform to create a group assignment (as a note, this does not have a plagiarism checker)

As always, please reach out to us with any questions on the above via support@aula.education

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