Aula's mobile app means you can interact with your students in your online learning community, and check in on your spaces, wherever you are! 🌏


It will only take a couple of minutes to download and set up your mobile app.

We have an app for IOS and for Android 🤩

We always recommend that you keep your app up to date to make sure you are running the best version of Aula and have all the most recent updates and new features 😇


We want to make sure you can access all of your resources on the go.

You can see all of your material and course information on the mobile app, just like you would on your desktop. Push notifications will also mean you will never miss an important message or feed-post! 🚀

What are the differences between using Aula on my phone and Aula on my browser?

- Students can't submit assessments via the mobile app. If they only have access to a phone, they can submit by logging into Aula via their browser

- You can't edit Materials via the mobile app - you can edit them if you log in via your browser

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