You will have an Aula account if you are a member of one of our Partner Institutions.

👉 First, head over to

👉 From here, you'll enter your email address and hit "Enter"

If you receive a note that says "This email address does not exist" please email straight away. We'll just need to set you up with a new account.

👉 Once you enter your email address, there can be two ways to access your account:

  1. Through Single Sign On (also called SSO). ⚡️
  2. Through a Magic Link. ✨

This depends on your institution and will be either one or the other.

Sign in through Single Sign On:

Your institution will have provided you with a username and a password to go through your institution's Single Sign On. Once you go through the Single Sign On, you will be automatically redirect to Aula.

Sign in through a Magic Link:

If your institution does not use SSO, or if you are accessing Aula before you're fully enrolled at your university, you will sign on using a Magic Link.

Magic Links are delivered to your email address and work like an on-demand password that expires after a few minutes.

First, enter your account email into the Aula login screen. Press enter, and you'll see a confirmation message that the Magic Link was sent to your email address.

The email message is shown below. From the email message, click the link labelled "Sign in to Aula" to sign in, and you'll be automatically taken to Aula.

If you don't want to use the Magic Link, you can also log in with the code. On the confirmation screen in Aula, click "log in with a magic code." Then, copy and paste the code from your email in the box and submit.

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