How do I post on the feed?

👉 At the top of the Class Feed, simply start typing in the editor.

👉 Press the '+' to add files and images

👉 When you've created your feed post, just click on Post.

Your post will be added to the top of your class feed instantly and any participant in the class will be able to see it.

How do I comment on and react to posts in the Community?

👉 Click on "Write a Comment" at the bottom of the post and start typing. Once you're done, click on "Comment".

👉 To react on a post or comment, simply click on the "reaction" icon at the bottom of a post or to the right of a comment and select your reaction. You can add several and remove them at any time.

How do I directly respond to others' comments?

👉 Select the arrow next to the comment

👉 Type your response

👉 Click comment

How do I edit or delete my posts and comments?

👉 You can edit or delete your own comments at any time by clicking on the three vertical dots. You as an educator can delete all comments, whereas students can only delete their own:

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