Zoom is a video conferencing tool, allowing for online synchronous teaching. Get started on Zoom by checking out their support centre.

Note - there are limits to using Zoom for free. Check with your institution whether they have a licence.

Functions to increase accessibility:

Functions for active learning:

Functions for feedback and assessment:

  • Polling to formatively assess students and increase engagement
  • Non-verbal Feedback so students can ‘raise their hands’ without verbally interrupting. You can also request students add questions to the Zoom chat or the Aula feed and return to these at set points.

If you want tips on how to deliver over Zoom effectively, have a look at our article on delivery techniques for synchronous teaching.

Need help? Zoom is a third-party tool (meaning it doesn’t belong to Aula). Get in touch with Aula if you’re having issues adding the Zoom link to your space. Otherwise, get in touch with Zoom’s support team or your institution’s support team.

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