What's changing:

  • Assessments are now grouped with Materials in a new Journey section
  • The feed is contained in a separate Community tab for more focus
  • A more obvious space selector for navigating between spaces
  • DM panel can be hidden and unhidden


We've received feedback from educators already using Aula that some actions are hard to find or don't feel very easy. Specifically, we hear from educators and students alike that assessments are difficult to find.

We've also received feedback that materials could be more prominent and focused, the space selector doesn't have the right visual weight to communicate that it's defining which module a person is in and that the DM panel on the right side gets in the way sometimes.

This is a purely cosmetic change and doesn't involve new functionality.

We've already shared this new navigation with educators and students during user testing and user feedback sessions, and we've received overwhelmingly positive responses both about the design and the usability.

As with all things in Aula, we'll keep improving on this design based on feedback from educators and students.

The changes are pictured below. We've also updated our training in our help centre.

Do you have feedback or questions? Please get in touch via support@aula.education or the question mark at the bottom of the Aula platform.

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