Adding an educator to a space:

  • Navigate to your Module
  • Click on the name of the module on the top and select “Space Settings”
  • You will find a “+” button on the right block of the page, upon clicking the same, you'll have the option to search for your colleagues using their name or email address. From there, select "Add selected" and you're all set!

As a note, you can search and add multiple people at once if required. Additionally, you will receive a warning if the person you try to add is not an educator in any other spaces (thus, could be a student):

Check out the video below for a full walkthrough:

Help! I can't find my colleague when I search for their name.

  • In this scenario, either your colleague has yet to bet set up with an account or they already have educator access to that module. Feel free to contact us if you're not sure 😃

Viewing Participant Addition History

See who was added to your module, when, and by whom. Please note this does not include participant changes prior to August '20

  • Follow the steps above to head to the Space Settings of your module
  • Here you will find a small “Clock” icon with an arrow, adjacent to the “+” button we saw earlier.
  • Clicking this will display all historic additions and removals from the space.

Check the video below:

Removing Educators from a Space:

  • Follow the steps above to head to the Space Settings of your module
  • This page will showcase all users currently added to the space - educators and students alike
  • Against their name, to the right-hand side, you will find a “⛔️ ” button. Upon clicking this button, another context dialogue will appear asking you to confirm the removal
  • Click on “Remove” to remove the user from the space

Check the video below:

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