What’s new?

We’ve created a private area that cannot be accessed by students so you can easily collaborate and share documents with your module team in one dedicated space. You’ll find this new area, called the ‘Educator Area’, under Journey.

The Educator Area functions similarly to the rest of Journey. In this area you can:

  • Create sections and pages
  • Import and export documents
  • Start conversations with module team members

But, the most important thing to understand about this area is not that it is not visible to students and can only be accessed by module team members.

Why did we make this change?

The Educator Area allows you to confidently share sensitive materials, within the context of Aula, knowing that students can never inadvertently view these materials. In the past, educators have been able to accomplish this by hiding sections and pages, but accidents do happen. So, based on educator feedback, we created this secure space wherein you can set up a private group message and share sensitive materials without concern.

A note of caution: Be sure to exercise good judgement when sharing materials in the Educator Area. You can share a link to a page in the Educator Area and rest assured that only other module team members with access to the space can view the page. However, sharing a link to a file provides the same kind of sharing access as sharing a file on a USB stick - the recipient has the ability to share it again. So, always be mindful when sharing files to avoid sharing sensitive content with unintended viewers.

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