How do I post on the feed?

At the top of the Class Feed, simply start typing in the editor.

Press the '+' to add files and images - try and be creative and make your post stand out 🚀

We integrate with lots of great third-party applications meaning any links you paste will automatically embed. 

When you've created your feed post, just click on "Post." Your post will be posted at the top of your class feed instantly and any participant in the class will be able to see it. 🤩

Why should I post on the feed?

The feed in Aula operates as a central hub where students and educators can engage in discussions and conversations, encouraging the creation of communities of practice and communities of inquiry. 💡

Each class is different and there are many ways you can use the class feed - from replacing emails to initiating interesting blended learning activities. 

How do I make my feed the 'beating heart' of Aula?

🔹Create engaging posts for formative assessment. 

🔹Introduce 'flipped learning' to ensure students are engaging with content outside         of contact hours.

🔹Set up engaging debates, encouraging students to discuss different topics and             themes.

🔹Have a go at using different integrations, to ensure the content posted on the feed is varied and engaging. Have a look at our guide to Padlet, and start making your own interactive boards to post on the feed. 💡

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