What are tags? In simple language, tags are keywords used for easy identification and categorisation. Using tags makes the search process easier.

Where in Aula are tags used? Tags are used in the feed. The purpose of tags is to structure and organise the content in the Community.

Who can add/remove tags? Both students and academics can add tags to their own feed posts. However, only an academic can add and remove tags from their own as well as others' feed posts. You can see tags in Aula on both desktop and mobile devices. Tags can only be added via desktop at this time.

How are tags added? To add a tag on a post, click on "Add a tag" in the top right of a post, start typing and either select from the dropdown if your tag already exists or tap enter to create a new tag. You can add as many tags as you want on a post. See below-

How are tags used for searching? When searching, you can filter search results by tags. See below-

What are some examples of using tags?

  1. Introductions- For an introductory activity, ask the students to share their introduction in the feed, adding the tag introductions.
  2. Use weekly tagging conventions to structure the feed and enable educators and students to search for and find content after the fact. For example, all posts pertaining to week 1 may be tagged week1.
  3. Ask students to post group-wise in feed the outcome of their group activity and tag the post with their group identifier; for example, groupA

Tips for using tags effectively

  1. Use clear, simple and self-explanatory tags. For example, for posts pertaining to week 1, week1 may be a more effective tag than part1 or 1
  2. Use consistent tags. For example, if week1 has been used to categorise posts for week 1, use the same tag for all the other week 1 posts. For example, do not use firstweek or week-1 etc.
  3. Communicate well to the students what each tag denotes. A separate page titled "tags used in the feed" may be created under the materials section for this purpose. This will ensure that the students are able to choose appropriate tags for filtering/searching the old feed posts, as well as for adding to the new posts.
  4. Use multiple relevant tags for a single post. For example, if a post is relevant to both Group A and week 1 activities, it will be a good idea to add both groupA and week1 tags to the post.


Are tags in Aula like tags/hashtags in twitter?

Tags that we use in Aula are not like the social media (twitter/instagram) tags/hashtags you may be used to. They are not “follow” or searchable tags. Even if you add a hash symbol (#) before the tags it won’t actually tag the post, meaning they can’t be filtered using the search function. Tags in Aula are there to help the reader navigate the feed and find the specific feed posts they may be interested in.

Can I tag students in posts?

At this time, we don't have a way to tag students in posts.

Can I delete tags?.

Once a tag has been added, it can be removed from any feed post but cannot be deleted altogether. So after removing from the feed posts, it will still be be visible in the tags library.

You can also make posts important

This again helps to structure the feed and focus student attention on key posts

👉 Click on the three dots at the top of the post

👉 Select 'make important' from the dropdown

Students can then cick on the flag icon at the top of the Community page to be directed to important posts

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