If you're using the institutional version of Aula, please see this article instead.

Aula is a communication platform dedicated to education. Aula makes it easy to create active and engaging learning experiences.

Here's how to get stated:

  1. Create a class by clicking here.
  2. Invite your students (or TAs) by sharing the unique 'Class Key' with them. You can find the 'Class Key' in the left-hand panel of your class.
  3. Welcome your students by writing the first post in the 'Class Feed'. It is a good idea to use this as an opportunity to explain the aims of the course. To give your students an overview of how Aula works, you can share this [link] video.

Here's a video overview:

That's it. To get inspiration on how to take it to the next level, check out the Aula Inspiration Hub, which has bite-sized pedagogical ideas you can use with your students.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us by clicking on 'Help & Feedback' in the left-hand panel.


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